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Can I fix my sleeping habit and still be cured? 본문


Can I fix my sleeping habit and still be cured?

☆★○●◎ 2021. 1. 12. 21:59

The good news is that if you change your sleeping habit a little bit, you can clean up where you used to be sick. On the 20th (local time), Business Insider, an economic media outlet, introduced a way to reduce pain through sleeping habits. For humans, 'sleep' is more important than any activity. We spend about a third of a day sleeping and about 25 years of our lifetime investing in sleep. Sleep allows us to get the energy we need for our activities and to recover from fatigue. In other words, you need to sleep well to spend the present and the future well. What kind of posture do we have when we sleep this important? You should think carefully about whether the wrong posture is causing the time to recharge. We usually reveal the right sleeping position to fix a sick body part. With this little change of habit, you'll be able to start the day fresh tomorrow morning.

1. Shoulder pain

When a muscle or bone in the body aches, using only one pillow can reduce pain. When your shoulder hurts, you should not sleep lying on your side. If you lie on your side and sleep, you can gain weight on only one shoulder, adding to the pain. It is recommended that you hug your pillow when you lie on your side without realizing it. It will prevent the posture from changing while asleep.

2. Back pain

If you have back pain, I don't recommend you sleep on your stomach. If you have to sleep on your stomach, put your pillow in your thigh position. If you sleep sideways, it's a good idea to sleep with a pillow between your thighs.

3. Neck pain

If you have a sore throat, consider changing your pillow. The pillow has a lifespan of about two years. Therefore, it is recommended to change it up to once every two years. In particular, as the number of people suffering from turtle necks and jobs has increased, there are many customized pillows that fit the body type. If customized pillows are burdensome, you should select the pillow height the most carefully among the off-the-shelf products. Pillows that are not too high or too low are the best.

4. Insomnia

When it's hard to go to bed, it's better to make the bedroom atmosphere comfortable. Once the smartphone is asleep, it should be switched to a silent state and the lights should not flash. Lights from smartphones can cause confusion in REM sleep. It is also not helpful to drink a beverage containing caffeine before going to bed and go to sleep right after exercising.

5. When I wake up often

In order to get a good night's sleep, the temperature of the sleeping environment is important. The average temperature of about 21 degrees is the best for sleeping. Let's set it to a cool temperature, not too hot or too cold.

6. When you can't get up in the morning,

Scientists described the difference in the amount of time they wake up in the morning as a "social jet lag." It is said that the social time difference is greater when the weather pattern is fluctuating, but the more this increases the fatigue of the body. It's not good for you to sleep late in the afternoon because you want to sleep late on the weekend. So let's make a habit of waking up at the same time every time, including weekends. You will feel refreshed.

7. reflux esophagitis

Retroflux esophagitis, which occurs when the contents of the stomach or stomach acid flows back into the esophagus, is one of the diseases that many people suffer from. People with this reflux esophagitis should overeat before going to bed or avoid stimulating foods containing caffeine. It is also a precautionary measure to raise the upper body area by using a pillow. Lying on the left helps prevent reverse flow of stomach acid because food less irritates the lower esophageal sphincter before digestion. Since reflux esophagitis is likely to turn into esophageal cancer if left unattended, it is recommended to visit a hospital and get a prescription for medicine.

8. Snoring

If you snore, it is recommended that you lie on your side in bed with your upper body slightly raised. This is because if you lie down straight and sleep, your tongue can be pushed back by gravity to block the airway. Cleaning the sinuses with saline solution before going to bed helps relieve snoring.