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Is pneumonia a minor or a scary disease? 본문


Is pneumonia a minor or a scary disease?

☆★○●◎ 2020. 12. 18. 22:26


Is pneumonia a minor or a scary disease?


Pneumonia is recognized as a disease that can be easily cured by taking only medicine, and there is also a perception that it is a disease that is scary enough to cause death. In fact, pneumonia can be easily treated depending on the degree and can lead to death. Is pneumonia a minor or a scary disease?



Pneumonia has different treatment methods and prognosis depending on the severity and immune state of the disease. The determination of pneumonia is determined by identifying the patient's age, state of consciousness, breathing status, vitality, signs, body's inflammatory reaction and organ function in the blood.


If you are relatively young, stable respiratory system, clear consciousness, and your body does not have severe inflammatory reactions, it is pneumonia with good prognosis, so it is likely that you will get better only by taking antibiotics.


On the other hand, if you are older and have abnormal signals in your respiratory system or other organs, you should be hospitalized and given antibiotics for intravenous injections. In particular, severe pneumonia requires inpatient treatment in intensive care since the function of breathing or other organs is unstable.


As such, the same pneumonia requires consultation and diagnosis by a specialist because the treatment method and prognosis vary depending on the degree.


As the number of elderly people increases and the number of patients with reduced immune systems increases, deaths caused by pneumonia are ranking high in the cause of death. In addition, the number of pneumonia patients is expected to increase further, making treatment and prevention an important issue.

So, What about diagnosis of pneumonia. Symptoms, coughing, phlegm and fever are common symptoms to diagnosis and examination results. The diagnosis of a chest x-ray indicates inflammation in the lung to verify that there is a way. But if flu test results or bronchitis, pneumonia symptoms, diagnosis and treat early pneumonia and a diagnosis of interstitial pneumonia or tuberculosis.May change. In an unusual move is also diagnosed with lung cancer. Therefore, other diseases or bronchial need an endoscopy.


Pneumonia is mostly caused by bacterial infections, and the most common causative bacterium is pneumococcus. However, depending on the immune system, other microorganisms can cause it. Even if the same bacteria cause it, the sensitivity of antibiotics can be different. If antibiotics or steroids have been used recently or if chronic lung diseases are present, they may develop pneumonia caused by endogenous bacteria and should be noted for their choice of antibiotics.


It is also better to get a flu vaccine. Flu shots do not directly prevent pneumonia, but because flu can cause pneumonia. The usual efforts to prevent colds also help prevent secondary pneumonia. Pneumonia alone is not distinguishable from colds, flu, and bronchitis, so if you have symptoms of cough phlegm, you must be examined if your fever persists or if you have difficulty breathing or chest pain.