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Tips for preventing 'yellow teeth' when drinking coffee 본문

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Tips for preventing 'yellow teeth' when drinking coffee

☆★○●◎ 2021. 1. 24. 12:33

Tips for preventing 'yellow teeth' when drinking coffee

Tips for preventing 'yellow teeth' when drinking coffee. I'd love to have a big smile on my gums, but what if I'm ashamed to cover my mouth? Recently, as more people drink coffee than rice, more and more people are visiting the dentist due to concerns about tooth discoloration. This is because "yellow teeth" are emerging as a factor that halts attractive looks. The outermost layer of the tooth is made of a substance called enamel, which has a fine hole in it. Therefore, if you eat foods such as coffee or curry with strong colors, it is easy for pigments to penetrate and color through the holes. I can't stop drinking coffee and yellow teeth prepared some tips for those who don't like it. It's a simple way to practice it in your life, so let's do it. 1. Drinking with a straw. It is a way to block coffee from touching your teeth at all. Even if you drink coffee in cups or tumblers, you can prevent discoloration if you drink it with a straw. 2. Pouring milk and drinking. Americano with no calories and a clean aftertaste. As this Americano becomes popular, more and more people drink a few cups a day. However, this Americano is the main culprit of tooth coloring due to its dark color. In this case, let's put milk in coffee and drink it. The main protein in milk, Cajane, combines with polyphenols in coffee to quickly decompose without leaving any stain on the teeth. It is limited to animal proteins, and soy milk does not prevent tooth discoloration because it has different types of proteins. Therefore, it is recommended to put milk, which is the ingredient of animal milk. 3. Brush your teeth or gargle right after drinking. If you brush your teeth after drinking coffee, you can prevent coloring. However, brushing your teeth within 15 minutes after drinking may damage the enamel, so it is recommended to do so after 15 minutes. If you can't afford to brush your teeth, it's a good idea to gargle lightly with water. 4. Scaling frequently. Although it is a follow-up method, it can be effective immediately. It is good to take good care of your teeth and plaque, but if you already have one, let's regularly scale and develop the habit of visiting the dentist to check your teeth's