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Tips for losing weight by changing your habits even if you don't work out. 본문

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Tips for losing weight by changing your habits even if you don't work out.

☆★○●◎ 2021. 1. 24. 03:30

Tips for losing weight by changing your habits even if you don't work out.

Tips for losing weight by changing your habits even if you don't work out. As everyone knows, losing weight is very simple. Eat less and exercise hard. However, modern people who live a tough day do not have the time and money to try complicated exercises and diets. Here are some tips for people who are living a rough life like this to lose weight with relatively little effort. It's easy to lose 3~4kg even if you change your habits, so let's try to follow along. 1. Put your legs on the pillow before going to bed You can prevent edema by placing your legs higher than your heart when you sleep. At first, you may not be able to fall asleep in an unfamiliar posture, but it's a way to get smooth legs, so let's try it from today. 2. Drink only Americano coffee. I am well aware that a cup of sweet coffee at a cafe is the "power that makes the day last." However, some sweet drinks have more calories than 300 kcal rice. If you can't give up going to a cafe, pay attention to the 10kcal americano. You may hate the bitter taste, but once you are addicted, you can't get out of it. Sleep tight for more than 8 hours. Getting a good night's sleep consumes more calories than watching TV. In addition, if you go to bed early, you can escape the temptation of late-night snacks and allow for regular living. 4. Drink warm water rather than cold water. Water is good for diet as well as skin. Drinking a lot of water releases toxins from the body and makes you feel less hungry. In particular, it is good to drink warm water, which helps increase body temperature and improve blood circulation, which can increase the weight loss effect. 5. Chew slowly when you eat. You have to eat slowly to feel full. The abdomen signals that it is full only 20 minutes after the food comes in. If you have a habit of eating in a hurry, try changing your spoon to a small one or eating with awareness of chewing for 20 seconds. 6. "Standing" when using public transportation. If you are commuting by car, I recommend using public transportation. And if you're going to take public transportation, don't sit down and stand up. I know how sweet it is to sit on a bus or subway, but if you stand up, you can burn more than twice as much calories as if you don't. 7. Use 'Stairway' instead of Escalator The world has improved, so elevators and escalators are now easy to see. But it's not that hard to get to the 3rd floor, so let's take the stairs. Climbing up and down the stairs is a more calorie-consuming exercise than you think, which is very effective for abdominal obesity. 8. If you're going to walk, you're going to walk with power walking. If there's a place to go anyway, let's take a walk with power walking to reduce time and lose weight. Power walking is a powerful way to walk while stirring your arms back and forth. It burns fat well, consumes a lot of calories, and can also achieve muscle workout effects. 9. "Transparent chair" when brushing teeth. The transparent chair posture you had when you were punished in school will give you sexy honey thighs. Whenever you have time, such as brushing your teeth, you only need to take that posture for 5 to 10 minutes. It also increases basal metabolism and metabolic rate.