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The amazing changes you see in your body after a month of drinking. 본문

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The amazing changes you see in your body after a month of drinking.

☆★○●◎ 2021. 1. 3. 22:15


Many people drink alcohol to take care of their health. However, the declaration often ends in three days. Recently, the British daily Metro introduced nine changes that appear on the body after a month of quitting drinking. Let's check out what amazing changes are happening to my body after a month of 'drinking'. And let's make sure that 2017 will be a success for this week.

1. It can prevent cancer.


According to the National Cancer Institute, alcohol causes diseases such as liver cancer, breast cancer, and rectal cancer, so if you quit drinking, the incidence of cancer naturally decreases.


2. Your skin tone gets better.


Drinking makes your body dry, making your skin dull and promoting aging. You can feel your skin color improving just after a month of drinking.


3. Fat accumulated in the liver escapes.


Drinking too much can cause liver disease as the fatty liver level rises, and this month's drinking reduces the fatty liver level by 15%.


4. Drinking can change your drinking habits.


Most of those who practiced "drinking for a month" ended up drinking less than the first time.


5. You find sweets.


If you drink alcohol, you may crave sweeter food than usual. This is because there is a high tendency to secrete dopamine, a chemical that brings a sense of happiness when drinking alcohol. It's a natural phenomenon in general, so you don't have to worry too much.


6. Don't binge-eat.


According to the Journal Obstitution in June last year, people who drink alcohol eat more than 30 percent more than those who don't.


7. You lose weight.


A New Scientist study found that people who abstained from drinking lost 2 percent in a month.


8. Improve your work skills.


According to a New Scientist study, people who quit drinking during the month increased their work efficiency by 17 percent.

9. It can improve insomnia.


Clinical trials conducted by the Journal Alcoholism show that sleep brain waves in people who have been on the wagon for a month are more stable than those who have consumed alcohol.